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Credits, etc.

Credits for the technical aspects of this website

HTML for the World Wide Web

To learn the basics of HTML, XHTML and CSS, I recommend Elizabeth Castro's book HTML for the World Wide Web, 5th ed.,  published by Peachpit Press,  ISBN: 0-321-13007-3.  For more information about this book, visit Peachpit's website.  With but a little guidance, HTML is easy! 

The W3C Consortium

Thanks to the World Wide Web Consortium for the structure of the front page of their website.  Just as expected, all the pages of W3C's website complies strictly with all the published Web standards, and provides the rest of us with practical examples of "how to do it."  Additionally, all of the published standards for the World Wide Web can be found there. 


The Chevrolet website is truly "inspirational," so to speak.  It demonstrates some of the exciting possibilities of what can be done with XHTML and CSS!  Rollovers and hyperlinks that look like pushbuttons (eliminiating the need for a lot of artwork present on a website, and therefore, bandwidth) are accomplished using CSS alone—without resorting to JavaScript!

XEmacs homepage

The pages of this website were written using psgml v1.2, which is an application for XEmacs v21.1.  XEmacs (and Emacs) may in fact be the most powerful text editors available (some describe them as text processors).  Psgml provides XEmacs/Emacs with an editing mode specifically for SGML documents.  HTML, XHTML and XML, as you may know, are each SGML applications.

Linux homepage
XEmacs, above, was run atop a Linux 2.2.19 platform.  Unlike MicroSoft products, Linux is Open Source Software—that means it's free!  For Personal Computer platforms, Linux is slightly more commonly deployed than Macintosh.
The image on the left came from http://www.nd.edu/~ljordan/linux/tuxgallery1.html
Web graphics Web graphics

Miscellaneous graphics, buttons, gizmos and various other things like this were found at www.grsites.com

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